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Ready for the hair of

your dreams?

Hair extensions are the hottest hair trend on the market right now.  Within a few short hours, you can leave our salon with the thick, luxurious hair you've always wanted.

Our Extension expert, Dayna, is trained in hand-tied weft hair extensions to give you flawless length and density that is completely undetectable within the hair.

Below, you can find general pricing to suit most hair types.  Pricing will vary depending on length, and the amount of hair required to achieve your desired look.
Your experience will begin with submitting an application before an in person consultation with Dayna, where you'll be given an exact price quote based on your goals, your hair will be color matched, all your questions will be answered and you'll get set up for your installation appointment!

Installation Pricing

Pricing includes the hair, install, cut to blend, style + extension care take home maintenance products.





A 50% deposit is required at consultation to move forward with securing your booking + to order hair.  The balance is due at installation appointment.

Maintenance Pricing

Pricing includes extension removal, exfoliating scalp cleanse+ conditioning treatment of your natural hair, reinstallation, trim + style.





Coloring to your natural hair or to the extensions themselves (if needed) is not included + is an additional charge.

Central Ohio Extensions

Ready to get started?

Submitting an Application is the first step so that we can learn more about you, your needs, and your hair goals.  This helps to expedite the in-person consultation, which will come next.

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Who is an ideal candidate for extensions?

We prefer to work with guests who have hair that is at least shoulder length, as it requires a lot of styling proficiency on the guests' part to make your extensions look good at home if your natural hair is shorter than that.  Guests with hair chin to shoulder length may be a candidate, but please keep in mind that daily styling is a must.

Finer haired guests are most ideal, as it will be easiest for your extensions to blend seamlessly.  Thicker haired guests can wear extensions, but more hair will be needed to properly blend, increasing the cost of your extensions.  Curly girls- it is extremely hard to match your natural texture and you will be best suited to always wear your natural hair blown out to match your extensions.

What ARE hand-tied wefts?

Hand-tied wefts are hair extensions that require no glue, heat or tape.  A hair weft, is a collection of hair strands sewn onto a super-thin cloth strip, ready for your stylist to sew into your hair using string + beads.  They lie flat to the head and are used to add fullness + length seamlessly.  Hand-tied wefts are able to be worn for 8-10 months with proper care.

Are the extensions visible?

The wefts are installed in a way that allows your natural hair to cover the installation site.  Depending on your natural length, density and how you style your hair, they will be undetectable whether you wear your hair down or up.

How do I style my extensions?

You can wash, blow dry, straighten, curl or wear your hair up.  It's important to brush your extensions multiple times a day to prevent tangling.  They must always be blown dry immediately after washing and you should NEVER go to bed with wet hair.

Can I swim with them in?

Things like chlorine, sunscreen and salt water can drastically shorten the lifespan of your extensions and the color on them.  We give our guests tips for protecting your hair in case you plan to get them wet, but it's NOT recommended to swim often with hair extensions.

Do extensions cause breakage and/or hair loss?

Breakage and/or hair loss can occur if extensions are not maintained properly.  We do our part to ensure your extensions are installed properly, but you have to do your part to correctly care for them at home.  All our extension guests are given the guidance + knowledge on how best to care for them and to keep your hair healthy + happy between salon visits.

How often do I need to get them done?

It will depend on how quickly your hair grows, but every 6-8 weeks is strongly recommended.  Letting them go any longer than 8 weeks will cause excessive tangling, resulting in damage to both the natural hair + the extensions.

How do extensions feel?

They definitely feel foreign initially!  When first installed, they feel a little tight and your scalp may feel a bit tender, but after a few days, you won't even notice and you'll just be thrilled with your new hair!

Can I bring my own hair for you to install?

No, unfortunately we cannot guarantee the quality of your end result unless the hair is purchased directly through Studio 31 Salons.

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